Social Work Services

OHF provides social work services for families/whānau referred by Oranga Tamariki. These services include: Social Work Support to OT Caregivers and Kin Carers; Safety Planning Services to prevent children entering care or to lead the reunification to whānau when they have been in care. OHF also provides Supervised Contact at the request of Oranga Tamariki or the Family Court.

OHF is contracted by the Ministry of Health to provide social work services to families who have children or young people with a disability.

Care Services

Even with a high level of support there are times when it becomes necessary for children and young people to leave the care of their parents. Wherever possible this care is undertaken by family/whanau. Where this is not possible, foster care can be provided for a short time as respite or on a longer term or permanent basis if necessary. OHF provides care for the Ministry of Health, Oranga Tamariki and for children and young people who are in the custody/care of OHF.

Oasis Respite Care
Care for children/young people with a disability

Oasis is a family-based, out-of-home, overnight respite care service. Oasis is there to support families and whānau to care for their children with Autistic Spectrum Disorder or with Intellectual Disability. Services are located in Auckland, Bay of Plenty, Wellington and Hawke’s Bay.

How to get help from OASIS

Your child/young person can only be referred by your local NASC (Needs Assessment Service Co-ordination Agency). A list of the NASCs can be found here.

OHF will get the referral and contact you and get as much information as possible about your child so respite breaks meet their needs as well as yours.

We need to make sure we can tell the Oasis family as much as possible about your child’s likes, dislikes, habits and preferences to ensure transition to respite is as easy for them as possible. As part of this process, we will ask your permission to speak with people who know your child outside of home, such as a teacher or therapist.

What is the process around respite?

Once our information gathering is finished, and we have matched your child with an Oasis family, they will start a transition process to Oasis. These visits will be arranged to suit your child – it can sometimes take time to get familiar with new people and new environments. Once your child starts going to respite regularly, we will arrange regular planned meetings between you and your family/whānau, our Respite Social Worker and the Oasis family.

What will my child experience?

    • • A ‘home away from home’ environment.
    • • Fun!
    • • Consistency and routine according to their needs.
    • • Opportunities to go on outings and develop new social skills.
    • • Chances to make new friends and have a ‘sleepover’ experience they may not have had before.

What will my family experience?

    • • Well spaced, planned breaks.
    • • Excellent communication and information about your child’s respite.
    • • Participation in regular, individualised planning for your child with your Oasis team.

Intensive Wraparound Support

Open Home Foundation is a provider of Intensive Wraparound Services. This service provides flexible funding to families whose child or young person may be at risk of prematurely entering residential care. We work with families to identify a range of supports that suit each family’s needs. The aim of this support is to be flexible and creative, changing with each family’s circumstances so that they are supported to continue caring for their children/young people through to adulthood.

Referrals for this service are made by the NASC to the Ministry of Health. If you are interested in finding out more about Intensive Wraparound Services please contact your local NASC.

Teen Parent Home

Open Home Foundation has a Teen Parent Home and teen parenting programme in Rotorua for teen mums and their children.

How will staying at the Teen Parent Home help me and my baby?

There will be people available to assist you to learn things about being a Mum such as:

    • • Safe ways to look after your baby
    • • Getting a baby into good sleeping patterns
    • • Learning what babies need to feel safe
    • • How to help your baby to learn lots of things
    • • Making your money work for you
    • • Discovering what makes for good relationships
    • • Further learning to assist you into work
    • • Making a plan for you and your baby’s future


How long can my baby and I stay?

You can come to the home and stay from 6 weeks before your baby is due to be born.

To get the most out of the programme for you and your baby we recommend that you stay for a minimum of six months and can stay up to twelve months.

What happens when I leave?

While you’re at the Teen Parent Home, we will be working with you to prepare you for living independently.

This can include looking to find a place to live and making sure you know who the people are in the community who can support you and your baby.

A social worker from Open Home Foundation can work with you once you leave the Teen Parent Home if you would like further support.

For further information please contact:

Uria Jenkins
07 348 8009

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