Open Home Foundation has a Teen Parent Home and teen parenting programme in Rotorua for teen mums and their children

How will staying at the Teen Parent Home help me and my baby?

There will be people available to assist you to learn things about being a Mum such as:


Safe ways to look after your baby

Getting a baby into good sleeping patterns

Learning what babies need to feel safe

How to help your baby to learn lots of things

Making your money work for you

Discovering what makes for good relationships

Further learning to assist you into work

Making a plan for you and your baby's future

How long can my baby and I stay?

You can come to the home and stay from 6 weeks before your baby is due to be born.

To get the most out of the programme for you and your baby we recommend that you stay for a minimum of six months and can stay up to twelve months. 

What happens when I leave?

While you’re at the Teen Parent Home, we will be working with you to prepare you for living independently.

This can include looking to find a place to live and making sure you know who the people are in the community who can support you and your baby.

A social worker from Open Home Foundation can work with you once you leave the Teen Parent Home if you would like further support. we first

For further information please contact:

Erika Raubenheimer 07 348 8009

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

meet you. Help with costs is available.