How-we-can-help Oasis-break--readingWhat to do to get help from Oasis

Go to your local NASC (Needs Assessment Service Co-ordination Agency) and ask them to make a referral to Oasis.

OHF will get the referral and contact you and get as much information as possible about your child so respite breaks meet their needs as well as yours.

We need to make sure we can tell the Oasis family as much as possible about your child's likes, dislikes, habits and preferences to ensure transition to respite is as easy for them as possible. As part of this process, we will ask your permission to speak with people who know your child outside of home, such as a teacher or therapist.

What is the process around respite?

Once our information gathering is finished, and we have matched your child with an Oasis family, they will start a transition process to Oasis. These visits will be arranged to suit your child - it can sometimes take time to get familiar with new people and new environments. Once your child starts going to respite regularly, we will arrange regular planned meetings between you and your family/whānau, our Respite Social Worker and the Oasis family.

What will my child experience?

  • A 'home away from home' environment.
  • Fun!
  • Consistency and routine according to their needs.
  • Opportunities to go on outings and develop new social skills.
  • Chances to make new friends and have a 'sleepover' experience they may not have had before.

What will my family experience?

  • Well spaced, planned breaks.
  • Excellent communication and information about your child's respite.
  • Participation in regular, individualised planning for your child with your Oasis team.

Here are some comments from families who use Oasis:

‘Thank you so much for providing such an amazing place for my child to come and stay. We are so grateful as a family. Oasis has been our lifeline. We felt God answered our prayers when Oasis was established. Everyone is more relaxed and rested. Thank you again.’

‘Oasis is an outstanding service providing excellent care for my son.’

‘The way X is so excited about going to Oasis' house is testament to how well he is cared for and entertained.’

‘I really appreciate the professional way the house is run and I am confident he is safe at all times.’

‘Having these breaks makes a HUGE difference to my life. I can relax and chill. It is very important to be able to do things on weekends with my husband and other son as well.’

How do I get assistance?

You can get assistance from Open Home Foundation by phoning us or visiting one of our Service Centres. We will be very happy to discuss how we may be able to help you.