Services Kin-and-foster-careWhen children need out-of-home care

Where there are concerns about the care and/or protection of children there may be a need for out-of-home care. Out-of-home care can be provided by agreement with parents or the children's usual caregivers or because a court has ordered it.

Foster Care

Good foster care keeps children and young people safe and secure. The aim is to return children home as soon as possible. Foster families are people who love children and want to be part of strengthening families. We call it Families helping Families. Open Home Foundation has a network of foster parents who can provide short term care, respite care, care for teen Mums or a permanent Home for Life.

Kin care

OHF Kin Care occurs when children come into care of whānau or wider family as an outcome of a Family Group Conference or of Family Court proceedings where there are concerns about the care and/or protection of a child or young person.

The OHF Kin Care model is a partnership between OHF and Kin to provide a home for a child who cannot live with their Mum or Dad. Open Home Foundation and the whānau or wider family work together to provide care and protection for the child. The kin carer is identified and endorsed to provide care for a specific child, based on their pre-existing relationship.

Youth Services Strategy

Through the Youth Services Strategy, we provide one-to-one Specialist Caregiver Services to young people with high needs. These foster care placements are designed to address the young person's needs and to create positive change for them. The young person is cared for in a safe one-to-one foster care placement. We provide support through specialist services and intensive interventions to meet the young person's needs. The aim of the service is to enable the young person to participate successfully in education or employment and to help them to develop the skills and confidence to maintain good relationships in each sphere of their life.

Home for Life

Giving a foster child a Home for Life means they are no longer in the care of Ministry for Vulnerable Children, Oranga Tamariki (MVCOT) or Open Home Foundation. Instead they are in the care of their foster family for life. In most cases the foster parents will become the child's legal guardian, often in addition to their birth parents. A Home for Life needs the support of legal orders and Open Home Foundation will help foster parents through the steps, work with them on the child's plan and support them as they apply to the Family Court.

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