By becoming a Ted Sponsor you become a very special part of Open Home Foundation (OHF) ministry.

OHF Ted Sponsors gift a minimum of $25 per month to the Ted Sponsorship Fund. This donation is used to directly benefit children cared for by OHF as well as children with family or whānau receiving help from Open Home Foundation.


How is the Ted Sponsorship Fund used?

The Ted Sponsorship Fund is dedicated to making the lives of our most vulnerable children more joyful, and supporting them to reach their full potential.

The money from the Ted Sponsorship Fund is used to help individual children in your area:

  • Pursue cultural activities
  • Acquire possessions such as toys, games or sporting equipment, such as a new bicycle
  • Attend Christian camps
  • Attend music, dance or drama lessons
  • Participate in local sporting activities, events and teams
  • Access equipment for children with disabilities
  • Receive counseling, play therapy or other professional support not supported by government funding
  • Be involved in Family Therapy that will help them return home safely 

The Ted Sponsorship Fund is separate from other financial activities of OHF. Your sponsorship will not be used for administration overheads or capital purchases 



What do I get?

As a Ted Sponsor you receive a cuddly, stuffed Ted to keep as a reminder of the children that you are supporting through Open Home Foundation. We hope you will be proud to have our Ted somewhere in your home so family and friends can ask about what he represents and how they might also become involved with this Christian ministry.

You will also receive a Ted Newsletter once a year, as well as a quarterly newsletter from your local Open Home Foundation team (this is optional).

As the Open Home Foundation is a charitable entity, any donations over $5.00 are eligible for an IRD rebate. Our Ted Sponsors will receive the correct tax credit documentation at the right time.

Support Open Home Foundation and Become a Ted Sponsor now!

 Can I make a one off donation?

OHF welcomes all donations whether it is a one-time gift or regular monthly donations from individuals and groups who want to be part of this ministry. Your funds will not be used for administration or capital expenses.

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