To foster means to:

  • Tend affectionately
  • Cherish
  • Keep warm
  • Promote growth of
  • Encourage
  • Be favourable to

Open Home Foundation needs your help to provide foster care for children who are not able to live at home and /or need planned respite. No matter whether you are a single parent, grandparent, or couple, if you meet our criteria and have a call to this work, God can use you as part of supporting families and children.

What does it take to be a foster parent?

Foster Parents open their homes as well as their hearts to children who need out of family/whānau care.
Caring for other people's children can be demanding work. To complement your own knowledge and experience you will be given appropriate training and support to help care for the children we place in your care.

What are the rewards?

As Foster Parents there is nothing more satisfying than seeing broken lives made whole, families restored, young people become who they are meant to be.

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What kind of foster care could you offer?

You may want to offer a permanent home to a young person who can no longer live within their family/whanau or you may be offering to provide respite which may assist in keeping a family together.

  • Planned respite for a child or teenager
  • Short term care
  • A home to a single mum and baby
  • Respite for a family who has a child with a disability
  • Foster care for sibling groups
  • Permanent Care

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The need for care

The Open Home Foundation needs people who will care for:-

  • Babies and pre-school children
  • Primary age children
  • Adolescents
  • Siblings who need to be placed together
  • A single mum with a child - to learn parenting skills
  • Providing respite care to children being raised by their Grandparents
  • Children and young people aged between 5–16 years with Autistic Spectrum Disorder and/or an intellectual disability for formal respite.

About the process...

About how OHF will support you as a foster family...