We have respect for all people, their culture, their uniqueness and their dignity.

Partnering Relationships

We work to build healthy communities through humble and honest dialogue and caring collaboration.

Strong Family/Whānau

We know that children and young people are best cared for by their own family/whānau and we will work to strengthen families so they can nurture and care for their children and young people successfully.

Christ Centred

Jesus is the source of life and we follow Him in all we believe and in the way we work.

Best Practice

We work to keep our practice current, relevant and also to inspire hope as we work with family/whānau to achieve best outcomes for children and young people.

Christian Mission

We are engaged in confronting injustice and oppression in NZ families in order to promote healing, empowerment and reconciliation.

Being Bi-Cultural

Tupu Tahi/Growing Together as One is Open Home Foundation's/Te Whare Kaupapa Āwhina's commitment as Māori and Tauiwi to journey together, to celebrate cultural diversity and provide the environment for bi-cultural and cross cultural practice.


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