Do you want to make a very real difference for New Zealand’s children? We are currently seeking applicants for:

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Social Worker - Canterbury (Exp: 19 October 2017)

Social Worker ChristChurch


Foster Parent Social Worker - Waikato (Exp: 18 October 2017)

Foster Parent Social Worker Waikato


Social Worker (Part Time) - Rotorua (Exp: 18 October 2017)

Social Worker Part Time Rotorua


Support Worker (Part Time) - Auckland (Exp: 18 October 2017)

Support Worker Aukland Part Time


Disability Senior Social Worker - Auckland (Exp: 05 October 2017)

Disibilty Senior Social Worker Auckland


Senior Social Worker - Auckland (Exp: 05 October 2017)

Senior Social Worker Auckland


Social Worker - Tauranga (Exp: 05 October 2017)

Social Worker Tauranga


 Permanency Social Worker - Auckland (Exp: 02 October 2017)

Permanency Social Worker Aukland


Social Worker (Part Time) - Wellington  (Exp: 30 September 2017)

Social Worker Wellington


Senior Practitioner - Wanganui (Exp: 29 September 2017)

Senior Practitioner Wanganui


Social Worker - Waikato  (Exp: 25 September 2017)

Social Worker Waikato


Senior Practitioner - Rotorua  (Exp: 25 September 2017)

Senior Practitioner Rotorua Copy


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